When your club is vibrant, innovative, and making a difference in your community, it will attract prospective members.


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Assess your club

Use these resources to see if your club is meeting members’ needs and reflecting the community:


Engage current members

Use these resources to learn strategies that will keep members excited about Rotary:


Connect with prospective members

Use the strategies and ideas in these resources to connect with potential members:

  •  — Welcoming younger professionals into Rotary is essential for us. Our digital kit will help you rethink membership and bring emerging leaders into your club.
  •  —Take this Learning Center course to help draw prospective members, update your club’s experience, and better highlight what it does well.
  •  — Design your own club brochure using the template on Rotary’s Brand Center. Choose images and wording to best represent your club.
  •  — Show this presentation to prospective members or at your club’s public events. Add content and images specific to your club, and have prospective member brochures available.
  •  — Try these strategies to attract qualified members for your club.
  •  — Give this brochure to prospective members so they can understand what Rotary is about and what sets it apart from other organizations.
  •  — Working with prospective members is a delicate task. Find tips and ideas to determine whether membership would match their needs as well as your club’s. Learn what you can do to ensure that prospects have a positive experience, regardless of whether they join.


Develop your club

Find ideas for planning and strengthening your club in these resources:


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Kelsey Mitchell
District Governor, 2024-2025

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Area 1

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Area 2

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Area 3

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Area 5

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